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Mark and Lisa’s summertime fun turns into a valuable lesson every child should learn!

The Swimsuit Lesson is a powerful family resource - introducing a simple, yet effective way for parents to educate their children about the danger of sexual abuse. This beautifully illustrated story book includes a separate step-by-step parents’ guide. Author Jon Holsten provides a realistic view of the danger facing children today - and what families can do to reduce chances of being victimized.

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"It is a remarkable statement to assert that a children's book can indeed save lives. This one has and will for years to come. Carving out an unexpected and important niche, Jon Holsten does more than simply entertain and educate children (and their parents) but he equips, infuses and empowers them against those who would do them harm. Best of all, he does it a stunningly beautifully, brilliant and sensitive way. Jon Holsten will never know how many he has touched and how many lives he has saved. Bravo and thank you!"

-David Avrin, CEO Group Chair with Vistage International


A Riveting, Eye-Opening and Heart-Warming Presentation

Bring in the author of The Swimsuit Lesson, Jon Holsten, to speak to your organization or community group. Jon shares both disturbing and heart-warming stories while providing an eye-opening look into the risks our children face in an increasingly dangerous world. A poignant, informative and surprisingly humorous and touching presentation, Jon Holsten shares stories, lessons and strategies we all need to learn to keep the precious children in our lives safe from harm.

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