The Swimsuit Lesson

"A unique and passionate book!"

~ Diane Sawyer - ABC's World News Tonight

"A simple, easy to understand formula."

~ Charles Gibson - ABC News

"The Swimsuit Lesson addresses the subject that every parent fears, that their child will become a victim of sexual abuse. The book is written in a way that will spark a conversation between parents and children about the reality of child sexual predators. The parental resource in the back of the book is a 'must have' if you want to educate yourself and your family about the dangers your child faces from family, friends, teachers, or any other person who has authority over your child. You need to get this book for your kids, read it to them, and then talk about it."

~ Eric - Police Officer and Father of 4

"The Swimsuit Lesson is the best book I've seen so far that addresses body safety for young children... I work in a Sexual Abuse assessment clinic and refer parents to this book as a tool to help them discuss this topic with their own children."

~ J. Schrader
- (St. Louis, MO)

"It is a remarkable statement to assert that a children's book can indeed save lives. This one has and will for years to come. Carving out an unexpected and important niche, Jon Holsten does more than simply entertain and educate children (and their parents) but he equips, infuses and empowers them against those who would do them harm. Best of all, he does it a stunningly beautifully, brilliant and sensitive way. Jon Holsten will never know how many he has touched and how many lives he has saved. Bravo and thank you!"

~ David Avrin - CEO Group Chair with Vistage International

"One of the most important books I will ever review is “The Swimsuit Lesson’’ by Fort Collins police sergeant Jon Holsten. It’s a beautiful, artfully illustrated storybook for parents and children to enjoy together while learning how to protect against sexual predators."

~ Nancy Hansford - (Ft. Collins, CO)

"A unique and passionate book!"

~ David Avrin - CEO Group Chair with Vistage International
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